Your feelings are your best friend and your worst enemy.

Welcome to the struggle between my emotions and my instinct to live.

Music · Photography · Dance · Tattoos · Football · Art
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Everyone. Everytime.

“If I was your girlfriend/boyfriend”…finish it in my ask

Chocolate, pizza and pets :D who’s with me?

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As a kid who was pretty different himself, I think that what I would tell people that are individuals out there is, you’re the ones who inherit the earth. Believe in yourself and be patient. Be as different as you want to be. You have every right to do that, and it may be difficult and lonely at times, but there is no greater privilege than owning yourself.

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Dream: that all stairways should lead to a beautiful view
Villa Tre Ville, Positano, Italy
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S.Pietro - Positano (5) by Gaetano Astarita on Flickr.
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